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Welcome to My Homepage!

I am a postgraduate of computer science at Sun Yat-sen University, China. It’s my third year also the final year. I got my Bachelor’s degree at Shandong University, China in 2018. Now, my research interests include computer vision, artificial intelligence and robots perception(Yes, I want to let PCs understand our world through watching). My advisor is Prof.Chen whose interests are autonomous driving, computer vision and robots. Now, I am a computer vision intern at Tencent YouTu.

From the fall of 2021, I will start my PhD study in Shanghai Jiao Tong University supervised by Prof.Wei Shen. I wanna spend more time investigating the truth of deep learning at the area of computer vision.

2018/09-2021/06, I got my Master degree at School of Computer Science, Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU), Guangzhou, China, under the supervision of Prof. Long Chen.[Page]

2014/09-2018/06, I got my Bachelor degree from Schoor of Mechanical, Electrical & Information Engineering, Shandong University (SDU), China, with great honor!

Research Interests:

    Low-level Vision

    • Super Resolution, Image Enhancement(HDR), GAN

    High-level Vision

    • Instance Segmentation, Point Cloud Processing, Object Detection for 3D

Recent News:

  • 2021/01 || Great News! I will be a PhD student in Shanghai Jiao Tong University(SJTU) from the fall of 2021, supervised by Prof.Wei Shen. My dream will come true!
  • 2021/05 || One paper about superpixel has been accepted by ICIP2021!
  • 2021/04 || I begin my second internship at Tencent Youtu.
  • 2021/04 || I finish my master thesis in SYSU.
  • 2020/11 || One paper about legacy photo editing has been accepted by WACV2021!
  • 2020/09 || One paper about Super-Resolution has been accepted by ACCV2020, it’s my first conference paper!
  • 2020/01 || I join in Sensetime Research as a computer vision intern!


Legacy Photo Editing with Learned Noise Prior , WACV, 2021
Yuzhi Zhao, Lai Man Po, Tingyu Lin, Xuehui Wang, Kangcheng Liu, Yujia Zhang, Wing Yin Yu, Pengfei Xian, Jingjing Xiong.
PDF| Project Page| Code

Lightweight Single-Image Super-Resolution Network with Attentive Auxiliary Feature Learning , ACCV, 2020
Xuehui Wang, Qing Wang, Yuzhi Zhao, Junchi Yan, Lei Fan, Long Chen.
PDF| Project Page| Code

Honors & Awards:

  • National Encouragement Scholarship, 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Chinese University Students’ Star of Self-improvement(about 1462 in China), 2017
  • The NXP cup National University Students Intelligent Car Race, National Award for the second
    prize, 2017
  • Outstanding Graduate Student in Shandong Province, 2018
  • Excellent Student Cadre in Shandong Province, 2018
  • Person of the Year in Shandong University, 2017
  • And more!